We provide

Applicant Information (student or immigration):
Guidelines for people who want to apply coming to Australia Hidden realistic & strategic facts which will help applicants in the journey

Social Mobility:
A forum where you  can make friends and interact with other like-minded people to fill the gaps.

Accommodation Guidance:
To find Accommodation or any related problems attaining it.

Student Support:
Students help pertaining to issues that are hindering them at their respected universities (academic or administrative)

Community Support:
Discussion boards to discuss the troubles the community, where help is available through out.

Charity support:
Help pertaining awareness & raising funds for people locally and internationally. we also help other organizations/associations in their fundraising for charity purposes.

Laws & rules:
Keeping the community updated with all the Australian laws and regulations.

Business Promotion:

Social online promotion of businesses owned by Pakistanis. We try to help them reach their message to the community.
We also provide specialized promotional services for interested business owners on our website, Facebook page and Twitter. For further information, please contact us for details.

Employment Guidance:
We have collaborations with many different recruitment agencies so we provide help in seeking good jobs. Making curriculum vitae for people who need help and guide them for interviews.